Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Get Ready in a Pinch!

Have you ever had one of those days/mornings/afternoons where you had seemingly minutes to get ready? That was me the other day. Normally, I take about an hour, sometimes an hour and 15 minutes to get ready. That includes, shower/makeup/hair/outfit. The other day though, I had oh 15-20 minutes. WOAH! So here is how I got ready, and still looked presentable in a short amount of time!

After I got out of the shower, I combed out my hair and applied my Argan Magic argan oil. I let my hair air dry while I applied my makeup. As far as makeup went, I filled in my brows using my Rimmel brow pencil. Then I used my MAKE eyeshadow in burnt umber on my lower lash line. I swept on some Maybelline color tattoo in Barely Branded, and curled my lashes and applied 2 coats of Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara. (Believe me, there was no time to use a crease and highlight color!!) I used my Tarte lipsurgence in Joy for my lips to give me a nice pop of color. Again, no time for face makeup!

Since my hair was about 75% dry, I blew it dry the rest of the way to make it completely dry. I teased my crown, and pulled it into a quick side bun using my spin pins. (Those spin pins are a lifesaver!) I added a quick spritz of hairspray, did a double check in the mirror and got dressed. Total time was probably 20 minutes. It was pretty stressful!

Here are a few tips to help you get ready in a pinch!

  • Focus your attention on one thing. For me, it was my eyes so I made sure to swipe some color on there, along with mascara and eyeliner.

  • Make sure to fill in your brows. It takes seconds, and frames your face.

  • Use a pop of color on your lips to brighten your face when you don't have time for a full face of makeup.


  • A side bun always is the way to go in a hurry. It looks chic and looks like you took a lot of time on it.
How do you get ready in a pinch? What are your tips and tricks? Please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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