Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lawn Logic Series Part 3

Finally! Part 3 of the Lawn Logic Series. Missed part 1 and part 2? Read up on them before reading this post. This is probably the most important post of this series. The actual cutting of the grass can make or break how well your lawn looks. You know you've drove past lawns that look dry and brown. Not attractive. You want a lush green lawn. This is where The Lawn King works his magic. During peak season, you'd swear that our lawn was a golf course! Read on to find out the lawn cutting basics! There is also no doubt that you've cut your grass already. Keep reading! You may just pick up a new tip to help your lawn become lush, and the envy of your neighbors!


  • At any time do I need to water my lawn? The only time you need to water your lawn is in severe drought situations. You can do more damage by over watering than under watering.

  • How often should I cut my grass? Unless it is in severe drought conditions, your grass should only need cut once a week. Sometimes twice a week in peak growing season.

  • How short should I cut my grass? You grass should never be cut lower than 3 inches. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE! Cutting it too short promotes week growth and root damage.

  • Do I need to bag the remaining grass? Bagging is unnecessary. Get a good mulching lawn mower, keep your blades set for no lower than 3 in cutting height and the clippings make good fertilizer.

  • Can I use a riding mower to complete my whole lawn? Absolutely. Depending on your lawn type, you could complete your lawn with a riding mower.
By using these tips that The Lawn King has given you, your lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood!

Did this answer some of your questions? Do you still have more? Leave me a comment and tell me!

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