Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update your iPod with: Landon Austin

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I have another new artist for you to enjoy today! Right around the time I discovered Alex Goot, I discovered Landon Austin. (*By discovered, I mean found them on YouTube.*) I have definitely caught up on his videos this past week or two.

I'm just going to gush right now and say that Landon is just too adorable for words. Okay? You want more adorable-ness? Check out his vlog channel. Adorable! (Now I am banning myself to use "adorable" anymore in this post!)

Landon is a pretty accomplished young artist. He competed in the Doritos Crash the Superbowl in 2007, and was a top 3 finalist in 2008. He recorded a professional music video for his song "Waitin." Landon and the other finalists were flown to Phoenix to perform during all the Superbowl festivities. Part of his performance from the Saturday Block Party, was shown during the pregame for the Superbowl. (The SUPERBOWL! Hello!) See what I mean? Accomplished.  

Here are a few favorites of his that I am LOVING!

Hallelujah: I listened to Landon's version and I got goosebumps. It is spellbinding! It is not overdone, just Landon and the song. It is beautiful!

Superhero: Landon wrote and performed this song with Luke Conard. I prefer the acoustic version, but those of you that know me, (uh, which wouldn't be many of you...*crickets*) know that I tend to prefer acoustic over most anything. The message is just great.

As Long As You Love Me: Somehow, Landon and Alex make listening to Bieber tolerable. (Because they aren't Bieber...) Their harmonies are INCREDIBLE! As long as I have this version, there is no need for me to listen to the original.

Once in a Lifetime: If Landon ever wanted to "woo" me, this song would do it. (Got it Landon? Just kidding!)  Can you imagine this song for a wedding? Oh my goodness! Just listen to the song. Do it!

You can check out Landon's music on iTunes!
You should also check out his talented sister Dani, who has her own YouTube beauty channel! She's great!

So, are you going to check out Landon's music? (You should!) If you have, what did you think? Leave me a comment and let me know!

P.S. adorable.     <-----------------I'm just messing with you all!

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