Monday, June 3, 2013

Spending Saturday with the Amish?

I live near an Amish community that is pretty sizeable. It's not unusual for me to see the Amish in the grocery store, which is something most people don't see everyday. Contrary to most people's thoughts, the Amish are usually pretty friendly. They are leery of us "Englishers," but I think we are all apprehensive towards new people.

Every year, on the first Saturday in June, they hold a Benefit Auction. The monies raised go towards paying hospital bills for one of the Amish community members. Since the Amish have no insurance, they need the money to pay off hospital bills for those who are sick. During the auction they sell flowers, food, buggy paint, old fashioned lawn mowers and irons, (you have to heat them on the stove to iron your shirts!) furniture they have built, and quilts. Buggy paint, and quilts are typically the hot commodity. It's not unusual to see a quilt go for $300. As plain as the Amish people are, the detail and colors they use in the quilts are breathtaking. They are true works of art!

My family and I usually (always) go for the food. The Amish doughnuts are divine! If you've never had one, I highly suggest you do. It has become a yearly tradition to go and get doughnuts!

My mom was able to sneak some photos of the day, so I hope you enjoy! I also encourage you to check out your local Amish if you have them nearby.  Most have flower shops, tack shops, or woodworking shops that they run. I would definitely support them!

Do you have Amish near you? Have you ever tasted one of their doughnuts? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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