Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Birchbox

Ah, that little pink box arrived in my mailbox this week. Hence, a Christmas like celebration. In today's digital age, getting actual mail is fun, especially when you know it is mail with makeup in it!

Birchbox has got a new look! Instead of the "box" emblem, they have gone with a diamond, and instead of pink on the box cover, they have chosen a white color. Also, the inside of the box there is a gorgeous chevron pattern! Here is my June Birchbox, and I really like it!

Birchbox + Color Club| Wanderlust Collection- I got this beautiful almost neon green color, and I just can't wait to put it on my nails. I received the shade London Calling. It is just the perfect shade for summer!

LAQUA & CO|Lil Lip Duo- You know I go gaga over a lip color! This is a beautiful shade of pink that screams summer! It goes on smoothly, and leaves a nice wash of color on your lips when it is gone.

ORIGINS| Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask to clear pores- I have never used a charcoal mask before, but I am all for clearing out my pores. This will be great to use on my T-zone.

Oscar de la Renta |Something Blue- This perfume smells really nice. It is not heavy, but noticeable. It is a very feminine scent.

ORIGINS| GinZing Energy-Boosting Moisturizer- This says it has energy-boosting ginseng and coffee in it to revitalize skin. I am excited to try this and see how my skin feels after using this.

Overall, I was very pleased with this Birchbox. Getting a nail color and lipstick were definitely the highlight of this box! Keep it up!

What did you get it your Birchbox this month? Were you pleased?

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