Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Projects Before/After

Remember this post when I told you I needed to organize my life? Well, now that school is out I have done just that! The thing about these projects, is that they took me no more than 1-1.5 hours tops. I got rid of all kinds of junk that I wasn't using.

Sock Drawer:

This drawer was a mess! I had trouser socks thrown all throughout the drawer. I had multiple pairs of socks with holes in them. So I threw them away. I had back up pairs of socks, and trouser socks so I can add when these ones get holey. I also needed to save some space in my drawer, so I rolled my socks and tied them with a clear elastic. This way, I can stack them on top of one another and saved a lot of room! I also added my cubes for my wax warmer in a small basket, and I put my glasses in there as well.

Center Drawer:

This drawer is a mismash of things. Everything was a disheveled mess. I had lipsticks in there that I haven't used in years so I tossed them. I had manuals, and receipts in there that needed to be filed. I had multiple campaign buttons, when I only needed one of each. I have my good jewelry in their boxes and I couldn't find what I needed half the time. The way I tackled this mess was to literally dump everything out on my bed. Then I could see everything. I threw a ton of lipsticks away, and arranged the keepers in a basket standing up. I can see what they are now just by looking at them. My longer lipstains I kept in a small container. I put charging cables in a small zippered bag, and earrings in a small zippered bag. I arranged my jewelry so I can see what the boxes are and I know which one to grab.

I still have to complete my makeup area, and create a blog binder. Stay Tuned!

Also, I am well aware that I have a hoarding problem with lipsticks. I.Can't.Get.Enough.

All in all, these were long overdue for these drawers. It was a simple afternoon project, that made me feel accomplished. Why don't you tackle one of your summer projects on the next rainy day?

What projects do you need to tackle? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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