Monday, June 2, 2014

What's on my Walls?

*As I am currently writing this, I am outside in 90 degrees in PA. It is glorious! (Although I am in the shade because I could not stand lying on my stomach to get a tan one more instant!) 

Today, I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals. I love reading her blog, and I know you will too!  I've linked up with her before for, What's on my Nightstand! Today though, I am going to show you my walls!

I am going to show you my bedroom walls, and the hallway leading into my bedroom. The living room is currently being remodeled, and we don't have many pictures up yet.

Leading into my bedroom is a picture I took of a rose that is planted outside our house. I absolutely LOVE this picture, and will probably always have it with me. Can you believe I used a simple point and shoot when I took this? Next up is my room!

When you first enter my bedroom, to your right is a picture that my mom made when she was younger. The rustic frame matches my bedroom walls perfectly, and I love the sentimentality of the picture.

Right above my nightstand, is a picture that my Grandma made. One year for Christmas, she gave all of her 10 grandkids a picture that she made, each fit to their personality and age! Such a special gift!

On my other wall, I have a picture of my dogs. Unfortunately, we only have one left from that picture. My mom randomly took that picture of them after they had run and were tired, and this was the result! If you couldn't tell, golden retrievers are my favorite breed of dog!

Lastly, I have my collage wall. This wall is full of a random mix of pictures. I have several Duke basketball players and myself. I also have my beach collage I made. My favorite photo of the set is my LOVE picture. My second favorite is the sun coming up over the ocean. It was definitely well worth getting up super early to watch!

So, those photos are what's hanging on my walls? I'd love to see what your walls look like! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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