Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's in my Workout Bag?

I'm going to yoga today so I wanted to share with you what was in my workout bag!  My mom and I absolutely love it, and we are so relaxed afterwards. Plus, with our walking it is nice to stretch out our muscles.

Here is what is in my bag!
  •  Socks
  • Yoga mat (Mine is new!) 
  • Wristlet (money, cards, phone *Not pictured) 
  • Outfit
  • Lunchbox with water inside (*Not pictured)
  • Pink Cosmetic bag
Inside the small pink bag, I have a hair elastic, bobby pins, a Wet Ones wipe and a comb, and tinted lip balm.

This way, if I am out somewhere and am heading to yoga, I can quickly grab what I need to change and feel prepared for class!

My bag is just a tote bag I got from a store in Myrtle Beach called Del Sol. The front changes color in the sun! It does the job perfectly!

What types of items do you keep in your workout bag? I'd love to see your bags! Leave me a comment and let me know what your workout bag looks like!
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