Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIWW: Weekend Edition

I'm not normally a "theme" dresser, but I can certainly get behind wearing the red, white, and blue! I love sporting our county's colors! On the actual holiday, I wore red and blue as well, but I thought this outfit was much more appropriate to blog about! I think the purpose of these posts is to inspire what you have in your closet, not necessarily the exact pieces.

I considered this outfit a win! If I wanted to tweak it a little more, I could definitely pair this with red shorts, and some simple white canvas shoes. I also see this being worn to an Indians game since they utilize the same color scheme!

My shirt is just simply a navy blue and white horizontal stripe. (The only thing I wish, is that I would have gotten a picture of the back of the shirt. It has bow cutouts going down to about your bra line!)  My shorts I have had for ages and those came from JC Penney. I wish I could tell you where I bought my shoes, but I have no idea! My necklace was handmade by my cousin. Throw on a red lip, and I was ready to go!!

Can I get a high five for a full length outfit shot with shoes on?! I usually forget to wear my shoes when I am doing these outfit of the day posts!!

What did you wear for the holiday weekend? I'd love to see your pictures! Leave me a comment at me me know!!

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy today!
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