Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Workout Playlist

If you missed my fitness journey/routine post, you can find it here!

See what I mean? Meet you at the finish line JJ! 
I learned something about one of my favorite athletes the other day. JJ Watt is a defensive player for the Houston Texans. He works out like a fiend, and eats 6000-9000 calories a day! What?! Dude is a house. I'm pretty sure that if he was at the finish line of a marathon I could probably get there. I might be bloodied, bruised, needing an oxygen tank, AND a stretcher, but I could get there!

Anyway, when I am working it out on the treadmill I need some things to keep me going. Otherwise, I get irritable and want to stop.

Sometimes, I will use my treadmill time to pray. I know a lot of people in times of need, and I will pray for them. Pray for healing, strength, and wisdom. It is just me, the treadmill, and God.

Oftentimes, I will listen to music which leads me to this post. I wanted to give you a list of my workout songs in case you are beginning on your weight loss journey and need some tunes to get you through! I have 20 songs, and it lasts a little over an hour. My list is alphabetized (thanks iPhone!)

All About That Bass: Meghan Trainor- When this song comes on, I have to watch myself because I have almost fallen off the treadmill several times! I rock OUT to this song!

Bad: Michael Jackson- Upbeat, and catchy tune!

Beat It: Michael Jackson- This helps me keep a great pace!

Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke- The words, I don't love. The tune however, can't get enough of it!!

Come With Me Now: Kongos- I just love this song. I can't explain it.

Cooler Than Me: Mike Posner- Is this song still hip? I don't care, he went to Duke and worked on some music for the basketball team.

Crazy Train: Ozzy Osbourne- Can't have a sporting event without this song!

Devil Went Down to Georgia: Charlie Daniels Band- Again, I just like this song.

Dirty Little Secret: Bon Jovi: This once is hard to find. I had to do some real digging, but it is Bon Jovi, and I love me some Jovi.

Dynamite: Taio Cruz- This song gives me a good reason to get my arm workout in!

Eye of the Tiger: Survivor- A MUST! Do it, put it on there, and I guarantee when this song comes on you will quicken your pace.

Good Girl: Carrie Underwood- Great beat, and a fun song!

Happy: Pharell- Yes, I do feel happy listening to this song. Energized and ready to go!

Moves Like Jagger: Maroon 5- Okay, story behind this song. I have always heard it on the radio and never paid attention to the lyrics. So when I listened to it on my ipod I was in shock of the lyrics! Now I'm like" Ewwww", and sometimes just hit the next song!!

Rock With You: Michael Jackson- This is a great cool down song for me. Nice relaxing beat.

Stuck Like Glue: Sugarland- I can't get over the rap part of this song. So darn cute!

Uptown Funk: Bruno Mars- LOVE! I also get very into this song.

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark :Fall Out Boy- The Penguins used this has a teaser on their TV commercials. It was catchy, and on the ipod it went!

Thriller: Michael Jackson- I will learn the dance to this one day!

Bad Romance: Lady Gaga- Yes. She is strange, but her music is quite catchy. Her CD with Tony Bennett...brilliant.

I plan on switching this up a bit and I want to add a few more songs. What are some of your workout songs? I could always use suggestions! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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