Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap Part 2

If you missed part 1 of my weekend, you can find it here! This recap starts on Sunday morning.

Mount Summit Inn
Sunday morning after breakfast, we decided to head out early. We cleaned up the house, and said our goodbyes to my aunt and uncle, my cousin, and her husband. We left without a plan, but quickly had one. We watched an episode of Treehouse Masters that build a treehouse at the Mount Summit Inn. (Do you watch that show?! It blows my mind every single time I watch it!) I plugged it into my GPS and it was 45 minutes away. We were on our way! We drove through Ohiopyle, and past Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob. Truly beautiful country scenery along the way.

Pool Area
My parents actually spent the first part of their honeymoon at the Mount Summit Inn, and on the way they kept reminiscing about how they remembered climbing the mountains to get there, how the food was included in the package. (It was so cute to listen to them tell me about this place!) When we got there, I was in awe of how beautiful it was! Actually, my mom made a great point. It almost reminds you of Kellerman's from Dirty Dancing. The charm on the Mount Summit Inn is just too darn cute. There is a beautiful double entryway where on the top level there are rocking chairs, and the bottom level is a porch and in the summer months you can dine al fresco. Inside the lobby is a beautiful grand staircase. There is an attached dining room/bar, and the front desk. One unique aspect of this hotel was that each room still uses an actual key to enter your room, there are no elevators, and my parents said that this was the same when they stayed there. I love unique charm like that!

Amazing Valley View
We were able to look at a room, and the room they showed us had an incredible valley view. If I ever stay there, I am going to request a valley view room. It cannot be beat! The Mount Summit Inn has a nice pool area as well. They have a large pool with ample room for lounge chairs. There is also a hot tub, and a nice waterfall. After spending only 30 minutes at the Mount Summit Inn, I definitely want to go back and stay. The charm of this wonderful place has invited me to return.

Bears at Nemacolin Wildlife Center
After we left the Inn, it was only a short drive to Nemacolin Woods. Listen, this place was blowing my mind. I didn't go into the hotel at all, but driving around this palatial resort was incredible! It is so regal, no wonder the lifestyle of the rich and famous stay here.  There was pools, golf courses, a zoo, a spa for your pets, treehouses, a casino, I could go on and on. My family and I spent some time at the zoo on the property. To be honest, I enjoyed this experience much better than the actual zoo. They had goats, bears, wolves, tigers, lions, ostriches, and bison. They had elevated lookouts where you could look at the animals without looking through a fence. It didn't stink, and everything was spaced out so there weren't crowds of people around one particular animal. We continued to drive around the property and marveled at the amenities this property had. Next time, I would like to go into the hotel part of this resort to see the interior. I'm sure it will blow my mind once more! I can't wait to explore this property more one day!

Can you spot the deer?
After that, it was time to come home! I hope you enjoyed this lengthy recap of my 4th of July weekend! I can't wait to read about yours! Leave me a comment and tell me what you did during the holiday!
I love big cats!

Information on Mount Summit Inn can be found here!

Information on Nemacolin Woods can be found here!

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