Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My First LuLaRoe Party Experience

Do you have that favorite soft t-shirt, or pair of leggings that you always put on because they are just so comfortable? Does your t-shirt and leggings come in unique prints? If not, you could be wearing the wrong thing!! I went to my first LuLaRoe party the other night. It was hosted by my mom's friend, and the consultant was my former 4th grade teacher. (Funny story, to this day, to her face, I cannot call her by her first name! It is just weird to me.) 

LuLaRoe's motto is Simply Comfortable. Let me just tell you that it truly is!! The clothes are comfortable and stylish. They have a variety of styles for shoppers to choose from. Maxi skirts, dresses, leggings, t-shirts, tunics, and kimonos. At the party I went to, she had different areas set up around the house. In the living room was dresses, maxis, and t-shirts. In the television room, tunics, kimonos, leggings, and kids items. You just browsed around and picked out the items that you liked. You got to try them on in the comfort of the hostesses bathroom (or yours if you do a party at home!) The best part of this party, is that you got to take home what you loved! There was no waiting around for it to be shipped to you! It was simply cash and carry.

Another part of this party that I enjoyed is you are with your friends. You aren't at a mall where there are people shuffling through racks. You are with your friends. We all know that your friends are going to tell you whether they love something or hate something on you. #brutallyhonest The pieces are made in the USA, which is another selling factor! (The leggings are not made in America, but in China. They have something special to make the fabric so soft!)

I ended up purchasing three pieces from the LuLaRoe collection. I purchased an Irma tunic. This is a great versatile piece. It has a high low hemline so it is higher in the front and lower in the back. I'm all for butt coverage! Mine is a turquoise blue color that can be worn in all seasons. Next, I bought a pair of leggings. Ladies, let me tell you these feel like butter. But-ter. Buttah! They are so, so, so, soft! I almost didn't want to take them off after I was done trying them on! Again, the print that I bought can be worn through all seasons, and can be paired with boots as well. Lastly, I bought a Randy tee. I am absolutely in love with my pattern! Again, all seasons, and they have 3/4 sleeves so on a chilly summer night a Randy tee is perfect! I definitely think that come Fall, my mom and I are going to host a party. I can tell that these three pieces aren't going to be enough!

I plan on wearing these pieces very soon, so make sure to check out my Instagram page, or right here on this blog to see these pieces in action. Don't be alarmed if you see them a means I just really love them!!

You can find out about LuLaRoe here!
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