Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July Weekend Recap Part 1

I hope that your 4th of July was as fun as mine was! My aunt and uncle invited us to stay at their neighbor's second home in Seven Springs, PA. I had never been to that area before so I was definitely excited to see a new part of the state! Plus, I love to travel and see new places!

We arrived Friday around 2:30, and pull up to the townhouse. It is absolutely gorgeous! There were 5 bedrooms, and each were decorated with a "cabin" feel. We were slopeside, and near the ski lift. After unpacking, we went exploring! We were up on the mountain, so one of the ways to get to the lodge was the ski lift. I had never ridden one before, so my aunt and uncle gave us the tips, and we were going to give it a go. They told us that they don't put the bar down that will help hold you in. (WHAT?!?! They are braver than I!) Since I am 27 years old, and would like to get married and have a family one day, we put the bar down. Haha! I'm not really sure if I've ever been so happy to be on land after that experience! (It wasn't that bad, actually. Going up was much better than going down.) 

The lodge was very nice, and very well populated. They had musical artists singing at the pool, and a Polish festival going on. The lodge had an indoor bowling alley, indoor mini golf, and several restaurants. There were going to be fireworks that night, so we got the scoop about those, and headed back up the house to work on dinner. After dinner it started raining, because that has been the norm around here. So the fireworks were in jeopardy. We played some games, and watched the Indians and Pirates play against each other. Go Tribe! Around 9:40 we heard the fireworks, so we walked outside and to a clearing, but because of all the rain, it was too foggy to see anything. :(  So we went back inside, and watched the best of Will Ferrell. 

Go Kipnis!
Saturday morning after breakfast my aunt and uncle went to check out the bowling alley, and my parents and I drove around and explored a little. We went down to the lodge again, and they had more music, and events going on. My cousin and her husband came up Saturday morning, and once they got there, we went bowling. I bowled a new world record low of 20. Yes, twenty! I can talk sports, not play them. #winning Once bowling was over, we headed back to the house and had our picnic. The good thing about our family, is that we can cook, and cook well! I again watched the Indians and Pirates battle it out, and then we headed to the pool and soaked in the little bit of sun that was peaking out from the clouds. 

Ski lift experience
Saturday night, there was a fireworks display put on by a family that was having a reunion at the resort. So we were able to watch that. It was nice, except for the one idiot who thought he owned the resort. Leave it to a select few to ruin the whole event. We moved out of his earshot, and had a much lovelier time enjoying the fireworks. After the fireworks, we went back to the house to play some ping pong and play some board games.

View from the house

4th food!

I have all of Sunday to recap, so this is a good place to end. Check back soon for Part 2 of the weekend!

Information on Seven Springs can be found here!

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