Thursday, May 23, 2013

Air Optix Aqua Review

I have to order new contacts today, so I figured why not give you a review while I was at it. Let me give you a little bit of a back story. I was a late bloomer in the contacts department. I did not care if I had to wear glasses. Boy have things changed!

My cousin was getting married in May a couple years ago, and I was throwing out the idea of getting contacts. The thought of sticking something in my eye freaked me out. I talked to my eye doctor about it, and she suggested we try it. I had to go through a contact lens class to learn the ins and outs of getting your contacts in. Well, 5 classes later I was able to get my contacts in. (I told you it freaked me out!) Getting my contacts has been an absolute life changer! If I could go back to college with my contacts, I'd love it! *I'm nearsighted.*

I should mention that my eye doctor gave me these lenses to try, and I liked them so there was no need for me to try other brands. The Air Optix Aqua are clear lenses that have a blue tint so you can see them in the solution. The tint is not bothersome. They are monthly lenses. When they are in my eyes, I cannot feel them at all. They honestly just feel like my eyes. (Does this make sense?) They don't get dry during the day, and can definitely last 12 hours or more. Importantly, they are a perfect fix for my vision!

For those of you wondering about getting it! You will wonder how you survived wearing glasses once you try them. I promise. Believe me, if "Miss I needed 5 contact lens classes" can do it, I know you can!

Have you tried these contacts? What did you think of them? Am I the only one who had to have 5 contact lens classes? (Haha) Please leave me a comment and let me know!
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