Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update your iPod with: Alex Goot

Today I want to introduce you to a musical artist that I have been loving lately. His name is Alex Goot. I can't even tell you how I found him. He just appeared in the sidebar of my YouTube profile. Well, I am so glad he did! He is so talented!

Image found here
Alex began putting videos on YouTube in 2007. If you watch his videos, you will see that he plays a multitude of different instruments. Piano, guitar, and drums, as well as several other instruments.

Lucky for you, he's going on tour this summer. You can find all of that information here. If I can convince some of my friends to go with me, I'll probably hit the Pittsburgh show. Going to a show alone isn't any fun right?

Here are a few of my favorites of his!

Livin' on a Prayer- As a big Bon Jovi fan, I feel like everyone does this song, but Alex knocks it out of the park! The vocals are amazing, the music is superb, and it is probably one of the best versions I have ever heard.

What Makes You Beautiful- I like the collaboration with King the Kid. This is 1000% better than One Direction in my opinion.

The Real You- This is an original song by Alex. It's not over done, and the lyrics are meaningful.

You can find his website here!

If you are looking to update your iPod for summer with some great music, I would definitely check Alex out! Plus, he's totally adorable, right ladies?

Have you checked out Alex's music? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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