Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lawn Logic Series Part 1

Welcome to a new series on my blog! This series will help you get your lawn looking fabulous for any Memorial Day picnic you are getting it ready to make all of your neighbors jealous!  ;)  I'll be posting a new blog about lawn care every Saturday for the next 3 or 4 weeks. I also have a special guest helping dad! He is no expert, but he has over 40 years experience in the lawn care area so we've dubbed him The Lawn King. He is a bit OCD and meticulous when it comes to our lawn. In fact, he won't let my mom or I cut the front part of our yard. (See what I mean?) So, let's get on with the series!

Lawn Basics:

  • What is digging holes in my yard? You would have to define digging. Is it an actual dig or is it a tunnel? If it is a tunnel, it could be a mole or vole. A mole is a meat eater, and a vole is a vegetable eater. If it is an actual dig, than it could be a chipmunk.

  • How can I get rid of them? Honestly, for moles and voles there are many home remedies such as Juicy Fruit gum, peppermint oil on a cotton ball, and also store bought remedies such as mole pellets and mole traps. You can also use mouse traps. The key to eliminating moles is to eliminate the grubs. If you get rid of the grubs, you should get rid of moles. Voles love to eat any bulb, you can encase your bulbs when you are planting them in onion bags. It won't affect the plant but helps the voles to stop eating. Chipmunks, are virtually impossible to get rid of. They can be trapped, but you may just need to grin and bear it.

  • Do I need to hire a professional? No, you can find mole control, and grub control at most home improvement stores. Pack your patience, and familiarize yourself with your lawn.
If all else fails, you can go to the Humane Society and get a spayed or neutered cat and let them go to work. :)

  • How can I get rid of weeds? Your best defense on weeds is to use a weed killer.

  • What products do you recommend? Most products sold in your major retail stores all work. Personally I prefer the Scotts brand of products. Again it can be done with your spreader, you can walk your property. Just follow the directions on the back of any week killer you decide to choose. Follow them, and you should have a weed free lawn!

  • How often do I treat for weeds? Scott brand products are usually a 4-5 step process that starts in the Spring and ends with Winterizing your lawn.
*I am not affiliated with Scotts brand in any way. I just like their products.*

If you have a question, please leave me a comment! You might just see your question answered in the next post!

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