Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cult Beauty Favorites I don't like

When I first discovered the beauty community on the internet, I quickly realized that there were some cult beauty products you "HAD to have." Well, I tried two of those cult favorites and I wasn't impressed. Now, that's not saying I don't like any other products from their line, because I do. I'm just not a fan of these particular ones. On with the products!

Philosophy's Purity Face Cleanser- When I used this, I felt like my face wasn't getting clean. It didn't lather, and I felt like it was just moving my makeup around, instead of deep cleaning it. Now for products I do like, I love their Amazing Grace perfume and body washes.

Stila lip glaze- Normally I love a lip product, but this just wasn't for me. It was SO sticky. It is definitely not a lip gloss you would wear on a windy day. Your hair would be goop city! It feels heavy on my lips, and it is just not for me. From Stila, I love the liquid shimmer in rose gold. It is a beautiful highlight color.

Just because I didn't like these doesn't mean they won't be awesome for you! I just wasn't a fan.

Do you have any cult favorites that you didn't like? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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