Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blast from the Past Hair Tools

Remember these? The Bump-It, Topsy Tail, and the Part Pizazz. I still use these on a semi-regular basis, and feel like no one talks about these tools any more.

Not pictured, Part Pizazz.
Bump-It- My hair is flat. On a good day I can get some good volume with the help of some styling products but not enough to notice a huge difference. Enter, bump-its. I saw the infomercial years ago, and thought that it looked legit. I looked online and read some reviews and watched some tutorials and went ahead and bought it. I love using this on second day hair! It stays in place with a little teasing, and gives me nice volume at the crown. I can either wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail, or half up with a headband.

Topsy Tail- I almost never wear my hair pulled back. When I do, I like to jazz it up. A ponytail can be so...boring at times. I love how the topsy tail lets me pull my hair back in a chic way. It is also versatile so I can braid a section or wear it curly. Do you remember this commercial from the 90's? (Seems so long ago doesn't it?)

Part Pizazz- Another great 90's commercial! When I braid my hair in pigtails, I like to add a cool part. Problem is, I'm terrible about doing them myself. The part pizazz is a scissor like tool that lets you draw your part, and separate it. This tool lets me switch up my usual side part for something a little bit more fun! Do you think I could remember which basket I put my part pizazz in after I did some rearranging? Nope. I still have it tho! When I find it, I'll put a picture up on twitter.

Did any of you try these hair tools? Do you still have and use them? Please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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