Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chlorine Free Hair Experiment

Sorry for the late post today everyone! I have been swimming today, (as much as the weather will let me) and I figured I would clue you all in on how I keep my hair chlorine free.

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*Now, this is the first day I have tried it, so I will periodically check back in to give you updates.*

I have long hair, and I love it. I also love swimming. I don't love how chlorine makes my hair feel. So I have begun an experiment.

I wet my hair with tap water before going into the pool to completely saturate it. Then I apply a nickel sized amount of conditioner on my hair. I wrap it into a bun and get in the water.

Your hair is like a sponge, so by wetting it down with tap water it can't absorb as much as the chlorine water. The conditioner acts as a barrier, and makes your hair really soft!

As soon as I am done in the pool, I wash my hair, and apply all of my products.

I will check back in at the end of this little experiment and tell you all how it went!

Do you have any tried and true tips for keeping your hair "safe" in chlorine? Please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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