Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why we are drawn to the Royals

With the arrival of the Royal Baby, I wanted to dedicate a post on the Royals. Why are we so intrigued with the Royal Family? Is it because we don't have that in America? Personally, I always had a soft spot in my heart for Princess Diana. If you ask me to this day where I was when she was killed, I would be able to tell you. I was not an avid Royal watcher, but I became more interested when Prince William, and Kate got engaged.

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I think William and Kate are just so classy and seem so down to earth. Kate was a commoner, and fell in love with a Prince. Isn't it every girls dream to marry a Prince? They seem so in love, and just like regular people. Kate did her own makeup for her wedding, when she could have had any makeup artist do it. She dresses classy, and shows that you can be sexy, without being skanky. She is going home to Bucklebury to stay with her parents after she is discharged from the Lindo Wing. There is no greater baby nurse than your mother.

I like them because they did it the right way. Fell in love, got married, and then had a baby. That's refreshing to see in today's celebrity age. I expect this child to be raised more like Kate than William was. But we shall see. For now, we await the name.

Congrats to the Royal couple, and this precious child!

What are your thoughts on the Royal Baby? Leave me a comment and let me know!
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