Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Birchbox Haul

I had some Birchbox points that were going to expire so I wanted to use them! I always have the hardest time figuring out what I want to use my points on. There is always numerous lists involved, and lots of number crunching. I like to get my money's worth. So after careful planning, here is what I got!

1. Meet Matt(e) Nude palette: This palette also came with a full size Put A Lid On It primer. The packaging from The Balm is just ridiculously cute! The shadows are huge, and will probably last me forever! As a general rule, I am just a huge fan of The Balm makeup.

2. Model Co Party Proof lipsticks: I got the Classics selection. The colors are red velvet, (a rich red), Peony, (a fun pink) and Disco Fever, (a bright coral). These are matte lipsticks, but are so creamy and velvety on your lips! (Did I, or did I not tell you I have been into mattes lately?)

3. Mox Botanicals lip butter in coconut almondine: The scent is great, and it is very moisturizing! I put it on at night, right before bed!

4. Sumita eyeliner in Jamun. This is a deep purple color. You know it stays put when I had the swatch on my hand the very next day! You can find my review on the Sumita eyeliner I got in my Birchbox here.

Gift with purchase: Tibi bag Is this bag not the cutest? It is a neon print Tibi bag, and the city-scape is New York City! It is a good size, and will definitely hold some full size products!

I had 70 points, and used a coupon code that they sent me to receive an extra discount. I only had to pay $4.25. Score!

I would expect a review on some of these products in the next few weeks.

Have you ever bought anything from Birchbox? I'd love to hear what you decided on! Leave me a comment and let me know!
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