Monday, July 29, 2013

Chlorine Free Hair Experiment Wrap Up

 If you remember this post about keeping the chlorine out of my hair, this is the follow-up.

I am SO impressed with how well the conditioner and wetting my hair worked. It didn't leave me with the stringy, rubber like texture that normally happens when you just jump right in the pool. It is easy to comb out and is in good condition.

I also think a spray leave in conditioner would work as well. (Granted, I need a haircut, as my ends are starting to get split.)


Rinse out your hair a good while so the chlorine can get out of there.
DO NOT let your hair dry with the chlorine in it!
Don't be afraid to rinse your hair, and reapply the conditioner a few times throughout the day.
Shampoo immediately after swimming, or just really rinse your hair if  you can't.

Try this!

I add a little bit of baking soda to my shampoo to give me a clarifying effect! Make sure you use a good conditioner, because it can dry out your hair just a little. I do this once a month at the most! If you color your hair, I would not recommend this because it could strip your color.

Have your tried the Chlorine Free Hair Experiment? Leave me a comment and let me know you it went!
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