Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Heat Wave

I feel like it is finally Summer! All of this rain we have been having has dissipated and the temps are in the 90's and humid. Just a few reminders to beat the heat and stay cool!

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated! Drink water, and plenty of it! It not only cools, you down but keeps you fresh.

Stay out of the sun if you can.

Blue Skies!
Make sure you wear sunscreen, and a hat to keep the sun off of your face.

If you have a pool, use it! (Don't forget the sunscreen!)

If you want a nice icy treat, soak a bandanna in water, and pop it in the freezer. Then unroll it and place it around your neck. It will keep you cool.

Check your local news for cooling centers if you don't have air conditioning.

Bring your pets inside for them to stay cool! Pop some ice cubes in their water so they have a cool drink too!

A lot of these tips are common sense, but I thought I would share with you just as a reminder!

Stay cool!
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