Monday, July 22, 2013

What I wish I knew...

This post is a reflection of sorts. It is beauty things I wish I knew, let's say, back in college. Now, I got up, showered every day, and always dressed well. I applied my makeup and always curled my hair. However, knowing what I know now, I would change some things. So here is what I wish I knew back then.


I wish I would've picked up a good primer. Both for my lids and my face. By day's end I would be an oil slick, and a primer would have solved that problem. I also wished that I would have filled in my brows. I can see now what a difference that makes, and it would've helped out a lot! I also wish I would have invested in a high quality eyeliner that lasted a long time. Mine was non existent by the end of the day.


If I was in college today, dry shampoo would be my best friend. I would have trained my hair to go every other day, and not heat processed it as much as I did. I wish I knew about how wonderful hair oils can be and how absolutely amazing my hair feels with them in it. I would have pulled my hair up more, top knots can be really cute!!


Oh, if I had to do college over again, these suckers would top my list! I can't believe it took me so long to try them! I am definitely hooked!


I always got dressed up for class. I loved it. I sort of live by the motto, "Never leave the house in sweatpants. You never know when you will meet a dashing stranger, or an old enemy." If I had it to do different, I would give myself one day where I would go to class in sweats.

So what would you have done differently? It doesn't have to be for college, but say 5 years ago? Leave me a comment and let me know! I'd love to hear from you!
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