Friday, March 29, 2013


Today, I'm linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk Blog. Have you read her blog? If you haven't, you definitely should! She has a weekly feature called "High Five For Friday" where she points out 5 great things that happened to her for the week. I think it is a great idea, so I'm linking up with her.

1. Do you recognize this fella? It's Bobby Deen! You can find out how I met him here!

2. Duke advanced to the Sweet 16, which means I can pull out this baby!

3. Only a few more days until I can have something like this delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie!

4. I made this Chicken Divan for the first time. It was yummy!

5. I've been loving these podcasts from Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany GA. They are the church behind Facing the Giants and Fireproof!

How was your week? As always you can comment and let me know! Thanks again to Lauren for letting me link up with her!

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