Friday, March 1, 2013

Let's talk about...

Court storming. I had originally planned on doing another post today but I feel like I should address this. I was in high school and college once. I've been to basketball games, and I've always sat on the opposite side then the students. Why you ask? I didn't want to be a part of the "court storming movement." Maybe it is my worry-wort side coming out, but I can just see so many bad things happening from storming the court. I'm a party pooper, I know.

Duke has been a part of 3 court stormings this year. Last night, it happened again. So make that 4. Coach K has finally came out and said that there needs to be protection for the visiting team. You know what, I agree. When students rush the court, they come from all areas. Where are the players? Still on the court finishing the game. It's a safety issue folks. What if Mason Plumlee rolls an ankle because he stepped on a fan that was on the court, while he was trying to get back to the bench, to go into the locker room? You are probably saying "well Mandii, you're a Duke fan, of course you'd say that." What if I say this? What if the star player from Virginia, NC State, Maryland or Miami rolls their ankle on THEIR OWN FAN? How would you feel about that now? You know what Mr. or Miss I rushed the court, YOU just hurt your team if your player gets hurt. Another minor detail that happens when the court is rushed, are that teams don't shake hands, and that bothers me. Sportsmanship folks.

I leave you with this, you hear stories on Black Friday about people getting trampled with serious injuries at Wal-Mart, the same thing can happen at your own college stadium. Virginia, you beat the #3 team in the country-good for you. I have pretty good hearing, and I heard that this win could potentially get you into the NCAA tournament. The next court storming I expect from you is when you win the National Championship. Have fun with that.

I agree with Barry Sanders dad who told a young Barry who celebrated exuberantly after a Pop Warner touchdown, "act like you've been here before," and you know what? He did. So fans, take that into consideration will you? Thanks.
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