Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Senior Night

I might have mentioned that I'm a Duke fan a time or two.

I always get a little depressed on Duke’s Senior Night. I remember the Senior Nights of JJ Redick, Lee Melchionni (remember when he kissed the center court D? I was in tears!)  Jon Scheyer, Brian Zoubek, and Miles Plumlee. Before the game when they go through the team and receive hugs, I’m alright. Then they get to Coach K. I’m gone. I know how I feel when I witness Senior Night, but I can’t imagine how he feels. I know he’s trying to keep it together.

Mason Plumlee, Ryan Kelly, and Seth Curry, have their turn at Senior Night in Cameron tonight. I don’t know them, (I’ve met Mason) but when you watch them for 4 years and go through ups and downs with them, you get attached.

Mason and I: meeting number 2
Mason will always have a special place in my heart. I was at my first Duke game, standing on the court getting my picture taken. I looked up, and there he was with a crowd around him. He was the first Duke player I got my picture taken with and my first autograph. Luckily, I’ve met him a second time got another picture, and autograph. He just exudes niceness.  Not to mention he is an absolute beast on the court!

Ryan and Seth, I’ve never met you, but have watched you fellas play religiously throughout your years at Duke. Thank you for the incredible memories you have given me. Thank you for being classy players and good role models.

Seth Curry's Mom!
Please know, that while I may be sad tonight knowing that your career at Duke is winding down, (thank goodness for tournament time!) I will always be grateful for the memories you have given me whether at Cameron or on my couch in front of my TV.

 I expect great things from all of you! #dukebasketballneverstops

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