Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Soundtrack to Your Life Tag

I was going to do a great Spring post today, but the weather is cold, and blustry. So in my mind, it's still winter. Does anyone remember this tag? I think it was popular back my sophomore year in college so around 2008. The idea of this tag is to put your ipod on shuffle and write down each song that comes on for each category. Let's see how accurate mine is!

Opening Credits: Make You Feel My Love ~ Adele
First Day at School: Colors of the Wind ~ Vanessa Williams
Falling in Love: One Song ~ J. Mark McVey
Breaking Up: Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee ~ Stockard Channing
Prom: God Bless the Broken Road ~ Rascal Flatts
Mental Breakdown: All Out of Love ~ Keith Harkin
Flashbacks: Orange Colored Sky ~ Natalie Cole
Getting Back Together: You're the One I Love: ~ The Carpenters
Wedding Scene: Only Hope ~ Mandy Moore
Final Battle: Someone to Watch Over Me ~ Chris Botti
Death Scene:  Hopelessly Devoted to You ~ Olivia Newton John
Funeral Song: Jesus Take the Wheel ~ Carrie Underwood
End Credits: Bushel and a Peck ~ Doris Day
Finale: Plan on Forever ~ The Wedding Planner Soundtrack

Try this with your ipod. See how accurate it is. If you do this, let  me know what your Soundtrack was!

P.S. Was anyone surprised that there wasn't any Celtic Thunder or Bon Jovi on my soundtrack? I was!
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